Astrology by Ayesha

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An astrology reading can be given by telephone appointment.

Birth Charts

Your birth chart is an excellent tool to use to give you a life map. It can help you focus on your strength and weakness and give the ability to improve weaker areas of your life, it helps you recognise your strengths and areas that you will find easier to work with. It can show you inner personality, outer personality, public life, what you need to learn from this life and where your soul is heading. Birth charts are excellent tools to help improve our life and to show why we keep making the same mistakes, therefore, arming us with the knowledge that can help us avoid those situations. It takes many hours to prepare a birth chart reading.



Astrological Prediction/Transits

Your horoscope is very individual and by looking at the planets influencing your chart it is possible to predict future types of event and can also be used to choose the best time for you to start a project or other important event.


All Readings and services are for entertainment purposes only.