10 cards are used in this spread, sometime 11 if your hopes and fears are not clear with one card. This reading is excellent for general guidance or to answer specific questions. (health, finance and legal question will not be answered and your are advised to contact a profession in these fields for this kind of advice).

The reading follows the format below:

  • Where you are now/core issue
  • Obstacles
  • Past/foundation of issue at hand/ what brought current situation about
  • What you want/ Your desire
  • Something moving out of your life/need to let go of to progress
  • How you see yourself/ Strengths
  • How others see you/weaknesses
  • Environment/outside conditions and influences
  • Hopes and fears
  • Outcome


Custom made item

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

  • Please make sure you supply a valid email address for your reading to be sent to. Readings are attached to an email as a docx file. I also need your full name, date, time and place of birth to complete the reading.