Pyramid Spread – Spiritual Path and Soul Destiny

This reading was created by Ayesha for the serious spiritual seeker and those who are looking to fulfil their souls’ true purpose and work with their higher self.


The reading is set out as follows:


  • First Layer - 4 cards – Your earthly concerns/Hopes/Dreams/ Path
  • Second Layer – 3 cards – Your spiritual path and gifts
  • Third Layer – 2 card – Help from gurus/guides/angels and spirts
  • Forth Layer - 1 card – Outcome/what you can attain spiritually


Custom made item.

      The Pyramid Spread - Spiritual Path and Soul Destiny Tarot Reading

      • Please make sure you supply a valid email address for your reading to be sent to. Readings are attached to an email as a docx file. I also need your full name, date, time and place of birth to complete the reading.