This a detailed reading looking at many aspects of your life following the zodiac houses and what they represent.

The reading follows the zodiac wheel as follows:

  • 1st House - Aries/your personality/energy/action
  • 2nd House - Taurus/finance/love/pleasure
  • 3rd House -Gemini/Intellect/mind/communication/travel/education
  • 4th House - Cancer/home/family/deepest needs/emotions/inner self
  •  5th House - Leo/Creativity/life-force/what we show to world/outer self
  • 6th House - Virgo/Career/analyse/how reliable we are/practical approach
  • 7th House - Libra/relationships/balance/judgement/equality
  • 8th House- Scorpio/Passion/Energy/Sexuality/deep subconscious/Occult/Business
  • 9th House - Sagittarius/travel/spirituality/higher education/truth seeker
  • 10th House - Capricorn/social status/work/self-control/ boundaries/building foundations/self-doubt
  •  11th House - Aquarius/Enlightenment/order and chaos/willingness to be different/how we are with groups of other people
  •  12th House - Pisces/secrets/psychic awareness/illusion/dreams


Custom made item.

    Zodiac Spread Tarot Reading

    • Past Life Reading by email. Please make sure you supply a valid email address for your reading to be sent to. Readings are attached to an email as a docx file. I also need your full name, date, time and place of birth to complete the reading.