Please read before buying for Readings with Ayesha




Each psychic will have their own style of reading, please be aware of how I read before purchasing.


In a psychic reading I use the Rider Waite Tarot deck, my spirit guides, clairvoyance and clairaudience. In some readings I use astrology, the crystal ball and past life remote viewing as well as tarot cards.


Please note: a tarot reading just using cards is still a psychic reading as I use the cards to trigger psychic intuition and do not interpret the cards using standard book meanings.


Psychic readings tend to pick up best on the energies around you and types of situation that may arise rather than specific events or people. I do not do the type of reading that predicts you will meet a tall handsome man, have five children, win the lottery and what your lucky number is; so please do not order expecting this kind of pop reading, my reading are for the more discerning client.


The psychic readings I provide are for people in need of guidance on their life path or who need guidance on a specific question. What comes up in a psychic reading is not set in stone. It is a snapshot of what could happen should you continue with that particular course of action. We all have free will, our path is not just predestined with no intervention from ourselves, psychic reading help you make the choices you need to.


I offer a selection of different readings to suit different needs and questions, some use tarot cards alone and in the more complex and detailed readings I use a combination of tarot, guides, crystals, messages from spirit, past lives and astrology to give you a comprehensive guide to what is going on around you and what the future may hold for you.


Please choose the type of reading you want with care as each one is designed for certain needs, for instance, a Celtic cross tarot reading with give excellent results for general guidance or the possible outcome of a specific situation, but will not reveal past lives or spirit guides to you.


Any kind of psychic reading is to help explain what is going on in your life and ways in which you may be able to resolve it if needs be. The reading does not create the event for you.


It is advisable to have your questions worded clearly. A psychic reading is like a plan or map for the road ahead. It is up to you what you take from the reading; always use your own common sense and judgement. A reading will only guide you; it is you who has to make the journey, make the decisions and take the actions to improve your life and walk your own path. There are many roads to choose from, the psychic will give you a guide to one or two possibilities, the rest is up to you.


When ordering it is a good idea to give me some background information about yourself and your question, this improves the quality of your reading, rather than giving me an unfair advantage as some sceptics may think.


Very rarely it occurs that a psychic cannot connect with the client or that she is guided not to read for them. If this happens you will be given a full refund and advised to find someone who can read for you.


Please remember your actions affect the reading and your birth chart, neither are written in stone. It may appear the psychic is wrong but by your action you have changed your circumstances. A psychic is like a weather forecaster who tells you to expect showers. Ordinarily you would expect to get wet but because you know the weather forecast you take a raincoat and umbrella, so you don’t get wet. Also, other influences could come in and blow the clouds away!


Please read the story of Croesus and the Oracle of Delphi by Herodotus below to illustrate how to interpret a reading:


Croesus was the King of Lydia in Asia Minor around 560 BC who conquered many armies. He decided to test all the oracles in the ancient world according to Herodotus to find best one. Without doubt the one who passed with flying colours was The Oracle at Delphi, so he sent great gifts to Delphi.



Now Croesus was planning to go to war with Persia and wanted to be sure he would win so he sent his emissaries to ask how the war would go. The answer he received was that if he did, he would destroy a mighty empire. This pleased Croesus as he thought victory was now assured so he sent more gifts and asked if he would rule for a long time and was told ‘When a mule becomes leader of the Mede
Then, oh Lord, it is time to flee’. This pleased him even more, so he went to war and lost, thus destroying a great nation, his own. It was Cyrus who took victory who was half Mede and half Persian and thus considered to be a ‘mule’.


Interpretation of oracles, psychic readings, visions and dreams is key. The reader sees the visions, but you need to apply them to your own life correctly.


For entertainment purposes only.