Psychic Reading by phone or by email with Ayesha

All reading now £25.00 (except £10.00 email reading)


11 cards are used in this reading to shine a light on the following areas of your past life that Ayesha accesses with a mixture of tarot guides, remote viewing into the past and trance: The reading follows the sequence below:

  1. Who was I?

  2. Early Life

  3. Family

  4. Occupation

  5. Social Status

  6. What was most important to me

  7. My character/ what was I like?

  8. Relationships

  9. Death

  10. Karmic lessons

  11. How that life affects my current life

Celtic Cross

10 cards are used in this spread, sometime 11 if your hopes and fears are not clear with one card. This reading is excellent for general guidance or to answer specific questions. (health, finance and legal question will not be answered and your are advised to contact a profession in these fields for this kind of advice).

The reading follows the format below:

  1. Where you are now/core issue

  2. Obstacles

  3. Past/foundation of issue at hand/ what brought current situation about

  4. What you want/ Your desire

  5. Something moving out of your life/need to let go of to progress

  6. How you see yourself/ Strengths

  7. How others see you/weaknesses

  8. Environment/outside conditions and influences

  9. Hopes and fears

  10. Outcome

Two Choices

This reading is used when you are faced with two choices when you need insight to choose the best path forward. This reading can look at more than two choices if you need to look at more options:

The reading is laid out as follows:

  1. You

  2. Current situation

  3. Choice one

  4. Obstacles

  5. Opportunities

  6. Near future

  7. Near future

  8. Distant future

  9. Distant future

  10. Outcome

  11. Choice Two

  12. Obstacles

  13. Opportunities

  14. Near future

  15. Near future

  16. Distant future

  17. Distant future

  18. Outcome

Three Card Spread (email only)

The Three card spread is one of the simplest and most concise readings available. It can answer a specific question within the parameters of past, present and future issues regarding the question.

The cards are laid out as follows:

  1. Past

  2. Present

  3. Future



Zodiac Spread

This a detailed reading looking at many aspects of your life following the zodiac houses and what they represent.

The reading follows the zodiac wheel as follows:

  1. 1st House - Aries/your personality/energy/action

  2. 2nd House - Taurus/finance/love/pleasure

  3. 3rd House -Gemini/Intellect/mind/communication/travel/education

  4. 4th House - Cancer/home/family/deepest needs/emotions/inner self

  5.  5th House - Leo/Creativity/life-force/what we show to world/outer self

  6. 6th House - Virgo/Career/analyse/how reliable we are/practical approach

  7. 7th House - Libra/relationships/balance/judgement/equality

  8. 8th House- Scorpio/Passion/Energy/Sexuality/deep subconscious/Occult/Business

  9. 9th House - Sagittarius/travel/spirituality/higher education/truth seeker

  10. 10th House - Capricorn/social status/work/self-control/ boundaries/building foundations/self-doubt

  11.  11th House - Aquarius/Enlightenment/order and chaos/willingness to be different/how we are with groups of other people

  12.  12th House - Pisces/secrets/psychic awareness/illusion/dreams



Seven Card Spread

This reading is used to address certain areas of your life and uses 7 cards which are lay out as follows and giving insight into the areas listed:

  1. Life right now

  2. Love/relationships

  3. Career

  4. Money

  5. Travel

  6. Anything hidden that you need to be aware of

  7. Future




Life Path/Soul Purpose

This reading uses seven cards to examine your life path and soul purpose. This is an excellent reading for those who feel a little lost and need to find the direction they need to follow. The reading is laid out and addresses the areas of your path listed below:

  1. What is my soul type/personality/teacher/healer/scientist/psychic?

  2. What path is my personal path right now

  3. What do I need to do to further my path and grow?

  4. Obstacles

  5. What is the most important thing to do right now?

  6. Will I have help from spirit or other people?

  7. Will I attain my purpose?



Finding Love Spread

This is a reading for those searching for true love and wonder if they will find their soul mate in this life. The reading follows a set of questions designed to give you insight int finding love. The reading id laid out as follows:

  1. Your situation now

  2. Will I find a soulmate?

  3. What will they be like?

  4. Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of finding true love?

  5. How the relationship might be and where it may need work

  6. Outcome and timing



Chakra Spread

The Chakra spread follows the seven Chakra or energy centres that rule and influence certain areas of our lives. The Reading is gives insight into each Chakra and is laid out as follows:

  1. Base/ security/home base/physical body

  2. Sacral/relationships/emotions/desire/fears

  3. Solar Plexus/sense of self/will power

  4. Heart/self-love/emotional intelligence

  5. Throat/communication/creativity/self-expression

  6. Third eye/metal/psychic

  7. Crown/spirituality/connection to the universe



Pyramid Spread – Spiritual Path and Soul Destiny

This reading was created by Ayesha for the serious spiritual seeker and those who are looking to fulfil their souls’ true purpose and work with their higher self.

The reading is set out as follows:

  1. First Layer - 4 cards – Your earthly concerns/Hopes/Dreams/ Path

  2. Second Layer – 3 cards – Your spiritual path and gifts

  3. Third Layer – 2 card – Help from gurus/guides/angels and spirits

  4. Forth Layer - 1 card – Outcome/what you can attain spiritually


All reading are available by email and one to one (except the 3 card reading) you need to state which reading you would like. I also need your full name, date, time and place of birth. I do not answer questions relating to health, legal or financial matters.

All Readings and services are for entertainment purposes only.


Please read all terms and condition and the section ‘read before buying’